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The Dragonuke Duo’s children’s ukulele show features the characters Clarissa the Cat & Ralph the Dog who interact their fun story-songs with clapping/ singing games.

Dragonuke Duo engage kids in musical aware-ness, listening skills and lyrical comprehension. Our aim is to spark children’s Imagination with story & song and encourage singing and interaction with the characters. Along the way, it’s imaginical, tuniferous and slapstick funny!

The songs themselves are our favourite selections from our original CD ‘DRAGONUKE’ including ‘As I set off for Turkey’  and ‘Diggers’ and classic story songs including ‘The Owl and the Pussycat’ & ‘Puff the Magic Dragon’.

The songs are played on Tenor and Bass Ukuleles and we often end our show with a mini childrens Ukestra where we play along with the kids inspiring them to keep playing the uke.

Suitable for ages 0-9 years old.

Anu Grace

~ the play~ along cd ~

 Songs to catch Kids imagination (0-9) and get them singing along and wanting to play them on the ukulele.  They can, as for the first easy 7 songs I am calling the chords and there are downloadable charts.  Just Click Listen!



  An interactive participation session suitable for children 6-11 years where they get to PLAY their own ukuleles with us.  They learn a very simple one note pluck or strum and sing along on favourite tunes.

Together we enable them to make beautiful music!

Ukestra makes sounding great on the Ukulele easy right from the beginning, whilst developing skills and confidence in both singing and playing. Ukestra Music for Kids is arranged in very simple parts according to skill level, so young players and beginners can get their hands on the strings with a sense of accomplishment.

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